How to protect skin and hair from Holi colors

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Holi is the festival celebrated mainly in India to welcome spring after winter. As per ancient Indian culture, it signifies victory of good over bad. Apart from India, this festival is celebrated d in many other countries in South Asia. North America and Europe started celebrating to welcome the spring from last few years. In India and neighboring counties, it is festival of colors. These colors are primarily composed of metallic elements which are not only harmful to your skin, but also to hair and eyes. Chemical and metallic colors may react with skin and cause rashes, allergy, blisters to the skin, dry and rough hairs and irritation in eyes. Here I am sharing some tips and guide on how to protect skin and hair from Holi colors.



How to protect skin and hair from Holi colors

How to protect skin and hair from Holi colors



Oil or Moisturize for skin

You can apply oil or moisturizer on your entire body, to protect it from harmful effects. Oil may create exaggerate pimples and blisters in some cases. If your skin is allergic to oil then you may go for moisturizer. Take coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil 1 tbsp of each and mix it. Apply this mixture on your body before 20 to 30 minutes of color contact.

Moisturize your skin and cover entire area using suitable moisturizer. This will act as a protective layer between your skin and color. Ensure your moisturizer contain paraffin as it acts as a barrier from external attacks. Sunscreen with good SPF number can be the best moisturizer to protect both from sun and colors.


Hair protection

Apply the right amount of oil with few drops of lemon juice to prevent dandruff. You can use coconut or jojoba oil for your hair.


Precolor your hair

This can be the best option to protect your hair from colors and their harmful effects.  You can have trendy shades that suit the festival and enhance your look. Hair color may last long up to 2 to 4 month in most cases.


Cut down your nails

There are high chances of color accumulation inside your long nails, Ensure your cut down your nail before the festival.



Drink enough water and juice to keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration may lead to dry skin and colors may have an adverse reaction to it. This may result in rashes, burn and other skin related issues.


No to skin care treatment

Do not do facial, scrubbing, waxing, threading or any other skin treatment during this festival time. Due to such treatment, new cells are exposed and there are higher chances of reaction with body



Ensure you use cotton clothing with full sleeves. Your denim may become bulky when wet and synthetic clothes may stick to your body. This may be an uncomfortable condition. Ensure you choose clothes that cover maximum part of your body. Your skin should be exposed as minimum as possible.




Removing colors

How to protect skin and hair from Holi colors



Gently remove colors using water. You can use raw milk to remove colors from your face. If colors do not get removed completely, do not worry. It may take time. Maybe 2 to 3 day or a week. Use glycerine base soap to remove colors. Do not use detergent soap. Detergent soap is the worst thing your body can face. Avoid such experiment with your body. Apply body lotion after bath.



Soothing agent

In case of any reaction after contact with colors, use soothing agents like cucumber juice and aloe vera gel on the affected area.


Hair mask before washing your hairs

Your hair may be dry, rough and brittle due to color contact. Apply hair mask before washing.

  • Olive oil,
  • Coconut oil,
  • Honey
  • Yogurt

Mix 1 tsp of each ingredient mentioned above and apply this hair mask for approximately 1 hr before washing your hair with shampoo.


Eye Protection

The eye is one of the most delicate organs in human body. It is the only delicate organ which is directly exposed to the environment. You need to take proper care to prevent it from harmful effects of colors. Metallic colors may lead to tempory or permanent blindness in some cases. Itching, irritation and red eyes are common symptoms of color side effects in eyes. Do not use contact lenses or number glass as there are high chances of damage in both the cases. Use water glass specially designed to cover your entire eyes.

Honey or rose water is the best thing your eyes can have in case of irritation and itching. However, you must consult your doctor as soon as possible for further treatment.




Holi is festival of colors. But you need to be little extra careful while playing with colors. Instead of synthetic colors and powdered dye, try to use natural colors as much as possible. Natural colors are safe and easy to remove. All about MEN- Health Fitness Grooming Fashion Lifestyle

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