Some unique facts about beards and mustaches

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Beard was considered as a sign of laziness. Shaving cream and bade market was on the boom. But all of sudden, there was a twist and beard back in fashion. Now, more girls prefer man with a beard over a clean-shaven guy. Even committed girls and married women often force their partners for the same. Here are some important facts about beards and mustaches.


Some facts about beards and mustaches

Some facts about beards and mustaches


Protection from ultraviolet rays

This is the biggest advantage to your skin. Beard protects your face from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Beard not only makes you look royal but also helps you to hide aging effects and marks on your face.


Prevent allergy and infection

This is the fact that beard prevents skin from harmful effects of dust and allergy. Skin does not come in direct contact with environmental factors. Thus it helps with other skin related disease.


Beard growth

One study has shown that beard grows faster at night compared to the day.Though there are many products available in marker claiming beard growth, there are many factors which affect beard growth.


What if you stop shaving?

If you stop shaving your beard, it can grow up to 7.5 meters. Yes, but it may not be so cool. isn’t it?



Pogonophobia is associated with fear of beard growth. People who afraid of growing beard. Strange? A similar thing is associated with people with beards. They always worried about their beard,



Many people believe that clean shave will help them to grow a beard. But this is merely a math and nothing else. There are many factors which are responsible for beard growth.


Beard and sex

There is a distinct relationship between beard and sex. If you stop sexual intercourse for few days, then beard growth faster compared to other days.


Beard vs no beard

As per a study, an average person spends 3,350 hrs in his life for shaving only if he does not keep the beard. In addition to time, the cost is also associated with it. So beard is a good investment.


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