How to take care of face with men’s skin care tips and guide

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Most men are least concerned about their skin but they do more for their looks. These both are directly interlinked. There are tons of cosmetics and tablets available in the market claiming healthy and clear looking skin. Here I will share how to take care of skin with men’s skin care tips and guide.


A very first thing to consider is to know about your skin type. Basically, there are three types of skin which you can easily identify using a simple test.(Most men are not aware of their skin type, just like colors of their clothes). Don’t worry, you do not need to undergo any medical test or tested under a microscope to identify your skin type. Just a simple test at home is sufficient enough.


Skin Test to identify your skin type


First of all, clean your face with any cleanser and pat it with water.(You can snatch cleanser bottle from your girlfriend/sister after all sharing is caring as far as you do not share something.)

Now leave it for approximately 5 minutes to dry naturally.

Take a tissue and check your skin by gentle rubbing. If it feels rough without any smoothness, you probably have dry skin. If you feel a bit oily on tissue, then you may have oily skin type. Otherwise, you may be confused in between previous two. You may have a combination of oily and dry skin.

So apparently, there are three types of skin in men as well as women. Men’s skin is more tough with a huge number of glands compared to women.

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combination of above two

In addition to above to there are also two categories of skin based on the reaction with different factors like light, cosmetics products, salty water and many more.

Sensitive skin: People with this type of skin may get itching, rashes, burn or other consequences after coming in contact with cosmetic products and other factors.

Normal skin: It is contrary to sensitive skin which does not much affected by external factors mentioned above.


How to take care of face with men’s skin care tips and guide



Clean with water

It should be the basic men’s face care routine t clean face with water at least twice a day. Ideally, dermatologist recommends to clean it in the morning after you wake up and at night before going to bed. However, I recommend cleaning your face 3 to 4 times a day. Excess to this may lead to dry skin.


How to take care of men's skin with men's face care routine guide


Use of facewash

You should use facewash to clean your face at least once in the morning every day. You should use it again after contact with dirt and pollution. Make a habit schedule to clean your face with facewash after coming back from the gym. Do not use soap for cleaning your face. It dries your skin and makes it rough no matter which type of skin you have. This results in wrinkle and dull looking face. Ensure you use the right type of facewash with no harmful chemicals.just a little amount of your fingertip is enough to cover the entire area. Excessive to that is wastage of money. Gently rub on your skin in circular motion. Do not let your dead cells feel gravity. Gentle pressure is sufficient.


Moisturize your skin daily

Just like washing your face with water, moisturize it daily after bath and using facewash. This should be in the daily habit. Moisturizer gives a glow and younger looking skin. No matter which type of skin you possess, you must use moisturizer. There are different varieties available as per your skin type. Choose the one according to your skin type.


How to take care of men's skin with men's face care routine guide


Scrub it

You should use a face scrub once in a week to remove dead cells. Do not use the scrub daily along with your face wash. This may badly damage your skin. Make a routine to use the scrub every weekend.


How to take care of men's skin with men's face care routine guide


What is your SPF score?

Many of us may aware of the term SPF. However, there is a huge crowd for which this is as scary as the exam score.  Do not be panic. This is not a test score or a game either. SPF is the short form of Sun Protection Factor. The term SPF is the number which is a measure of the effectiveness of the protection offered by sunscreen. There are different grades like SPF 15, 30, 45, 60 like that. Higher the number more is protection and cost. SPF 15 protects 94 percent of sun’s radiation, SPF 30 covers 97 percent and so on.

Ensure you apply sunscreen before going out. You should always have a sunscreen in your pocket except it is raining outside.


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This is all about men’s skin care tips and guide. You should strictly follow this schedule to get healthy and younger looking skin without any wrinkle and age effects. All about MEN- Health Fitness Grooming Fashion Lifestyle

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