5 problems due to excess body fat and 5 solutions to get rid of it

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Fat is the most dangerous thing your body can have. There are various health benefits from every pound of fat that you burn.  In this article, I will share some of most the common problems due to excess body fat. it is extremely necessary to exercise daily and ate a healthy diet. Your ideal body mass index should be between 20 to 25.


Problems due to excess body fat



Muscle loss due to low testosterone

Obsessed people have low testosterone level due to high-fat content. This results in muscle loss and other health-related issues. Sometimes this also affects the regeneration capability. It is very difficult to make sexual intercourse with excess body fat.

Risk of cancer

Excess body fat is more likely to accumulate near the belly. There is a high chance of renal cancer in this case.


Blood pressure and heart-related problems

Blood pressure is a common problem among people having excess body fat. This, in turn, results in heart-related problems like heart attack and stroke.

Arthritis and joints problems

Due to high weight, there are more chances of developing joints problems. Sometimes it leads to arthritis.


Obese people are more likely to develop diabetes compared to others. Body’s insulin response is less effective due to excess body fat.


Solutions to get rid of excess body fat


Walking is the best exercise your body can get. This is the easiest way to get rid of excess fat. You should walk a least 2 mile daily which burns approximately 200 calories.


You should run daily 30 minutes and three times a week with interval training. Interval training is more effective than steady-state training.


Cycling is the most preferred exercise by many for excess fat burning. Daily cycling can definitely help you to burn excess body fat.

Aerobic exercise

This is another alternative to burn excess body fat. Aerobic exercise prevents the risk of arthritis and other jints related problem.


Weightlifting is the best way to get rid of excess body fat. This helps you to boost testosterone level.



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Excess body fat may not have a significant problem at a younger age, but later it can lead to many life-threatening diseases. You should start working out as soon as possible to get rid of excess body fat.


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