How to keep the body fit and strong for healthy life

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A healthy body is a key to success in whatever you do. It is the first thing you should consider. Due to a busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, not everyone gets time to hit the gym and break the record on the treadmill. However, there are some basics things you can focus to keep the body fit and strong. Everyone does not hit the gym to get six packs. Each one has different priorities and goals. Here I am sharing few basic tips to make you aware how to keep the body fit and strong without any gym equipment.


How to keep the body fit and strong

How to keep the body fit and strong for healthy life




Do not forget water

Water is the most basic need of your body. Usually, we drink water when out body demands it.  It is absolutely fine if you are moderately active in normal climate conditions. In sweaty climate and endurance events like working out, do not wait for your body to demand water. You should drink approx 150 ml of water every 15 minutes to replenish your need. Sports and energy drink may also help in this condition. Thrust is not the indicator of your need for fluid. It is the extreme condition or high time for you to get water.



Stretching is important before and after work out. This is helpful to prevent any muscle injury. Stretching can be static or dynamic. Most people keep stretching limited to arms and legs. You should give importance to each part of your body while stretching. Stretching of the back, thighs, neck, groin, and the calf is also important. Stretching relaxes your muscles and overloaded joints due to work out.



Cycling can be the best exercise for your knee joint. In addition to cycling, squats and leg press can help to build muscles which protect your knees. However, if you are a beginner, I would recommend starting with cycling as it is the easiest thing to start with.



This is the most important thing most people ignore. You should listen to your body. Do not overload your muscles. Give sufficient time to recover them. You can gradually increase intensity, duration, and frequency of exercise.  You should give your body sufficient time to adapt to the conditions.



Diet plays a very important role in your health. It is not worth to lift tons of weight if your diet is not planned. It is very important to know what not to eat than what to eat. Avoid oily junk food and fast foods. You should more focus on protein-rich food for your diet.  Your diet should be balanced rather than bombarding your stomach with protein. You should include fiber and carbs for energy and vitamins.





This is all about how to keep the body fit and strong. You do not need to hit the gym every day to keep your body fit, healthy and strong. Just lifting weights blindly will not end up anywhere. Everything needs to be balanced to get desired results. These are some basic tips which you can implement at your home also.
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